Sunday, March 20, 2016

coming soon...

You may have noticed our little six week hiatus from posting... I guess I gave myself a maternity leave from the blog! Baby Girl Collett was born on her due date, 10 February 2016! She is gorgeous and perfect and everything to us! As I type, she is sleeping with the assistance of her white noise app, swaddle me, and rock 'n play.

In the next couple weeks, I hope to get around to posting on the following topics (hopefully can get these in before I go back to my day job):
Birth story
Exclusive pumping
Baby gear/essentials for the first few weeks
Walmart grocery pick-up

I hope to get back in a routine with the blog soon, so I can share stories of my precious girl and the rest of our family!

Little M says "Time to sleep! Good night, all!"

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