Our family major dates timeline -- 

August 2008
Corey and Anna meet for the first time as members of the Razorback Marching Band. They become friends!

October 2010
Corey and Anna start dating. Anna is smitten. 

December 2010
Corey and Anna help Corey's mom and sister move to Arizona. Somewhere on that long drive to Cottonwood, Anna falls in love.

February 2011
Corey convinces Anna to adopt Abigail from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter. Their first baby!

July 2011
Corey and Anna move in to their first apartment together.

February 2012
Corey convinces Anna to have another baby. They adopt Hank from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter!

November 2012
Corey pops the question... Anna says yes!

January 2013
Corey and Anna buy a truck together. Whoa, adulting!

June 2013
Corey and Anna buy another car... because they're crazy.

July 2013
Corey and Anna move across town into a duplex, so the doggies have a place to run.

April 2014
Corey and Anna tie the knot! They run away to the Washington County Courthouse! :)

July 2014
Corey and Anna move again. Closer to work and to a nicer neighborhood. 

June 2015
Corey and Anna get pregnant! (a couple months later, they find out IT'S A GIRL!)

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