Saturday, January 23, 2016

36/37 weeks -- packing the hospital bag

I have been reading all kinds of articles on Pinterest on what to pack in my labor hospital bag. What not to pack. What is essential. What you may want, but maybe not, it's up to you, but basically you could move in to your room. It wears me out. So I have procrastinated packing this. I packed M's hospital/diaper bag a couple weeks ago, so she's ready to go. I imagine Corey will figure his out pretty quick. I am putting mine off as long as possible. I told my mom that I hadn't packed a bag yet, and she was horrified. I guess I didn't realize I really needed to have already done this?! Now it is my goal for the week. Pack a bag. Keep it in the car. I guess.

What should go in this bag? I have no idea. I have never had a baby before. My sister recommended bringing my own towel. I will probably do that. I work at the hospital and know how pitiful their bath towels are. But for the rest of it... I'm thinking clothes, phone charger, extra hair ties, deodorant, toothbrush.


Ok. It was a busy week. I wrote that first bit last week when I started packing my bag, and I have finally finished. It doesn't have much more than what I thought I would put in it anyway!

For me:
Socks and underwear (they give you pads at the hospital)
Pajamas-a few sets in case I get any blood or body fluids on them
Clothes to go home in. Yes, maternity clothes.
Towel (not sure how needed this is, but my sister recommended it highly from her hospital stay)
Pillow (hospital pillows are not that comfortable. I like my big king size pillows from home)
Sports bra
Dry shampoo
Axe body spray (for women... actually smells good!)
Hair ties/head bands
Baby wipes (to shower, I will use the hospital's soap. I work there. I like it. It smells good.)
Phone charger
Breast pump (to pump while I'm there and to get the lactation consultant to make sure I'm doing it right!)

For Meredith (diaper bag):
Changing pad that comes with the bag
Nursing cover
Burp cloths
Receiving blankets to go home with (2)
Bottles (I am going to be trying exclusive pumping which I will write a post about after I've done it for a while)
Baby book
Clothes to go home in (I brought newborn and 0-3 month size since we don't know how big she'll be)
Stroller blanket
Car seat

For Corey:
He will be packing his own things, but I'm asking him to bring the good camera, his own computer, phone charger, etc. I want him to vlog the labor and delivery, so he'll need the charging stuff for sure. I'm sure he'll bring the normal toiletry items and his own pillow and blanket.


Another update for this week, since I waited so long to post this... I went to the doc again this week and she checked my cervix... I am dilated 1.5 cm! Definitely could still go to my due date and beyond, but it is encouraging to know my body might know what it's doing, haha. I have been doing squats, walking, and birth ball stuff to see if I can't make some progress this weekend for when I see her again next week.

I'll go ahead and end the post here, but tell me in the comments your most valuable items in your hospital bag!

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