Sunday, January 3, 2016

new year, new blog

2016 should be a pretty big year for us, so I'm going to be documenting it all here! Hopefully, I'll get my husband posting on here, too when he feels like it, so you get a couple different perspectives from us :).

I'm hoping to get a few different features integrated here like Pinterest and YouTube. I want to be able to do some recipes and product reviews (having a new baby here pretty soon, so I'll be trying a few things for the very first time!). I'll have topics including cooking, dog stuff, baby stuff, nursing/paramedic stuff, and general posts about every day life.


So today, I'll just talk about what we have been up to this weekend. Today has been a lazy Sunday for sure. Corey and I spent a while watching YouTube videos. We like watching people eat, apparently, because we watched a few where people eat gross stuff, and then several of a sushi chef that posts a lot of his creations. Corey is an amateur home sushi chef, so we watch those, get inspired, and then hit the grocery store. I love when he gets the itch to cook, because it always turns out so delicious. Sushi is my favorite, too. I am limited to cooked sushi (for only a few more weeks!) due to being 34 weeks pregnant and raw meat being a no-no in my condition. I'll talk about our weekend cooking adventure in a sec. Right now we're working on getting ready for Corey's next semester of school. He is studying to be a paramedic and classes start back up here in a couple weeks. He is already a first responder, and I am a registered nurse, so we find his classes interesting and fun to go through!

Now to Friday/Saturday's cooking adventures. We spent a good part of New Year's Day watching cooking videos, so that evening we perused one of the local Asian markets for ingredients you just won't come across at Walmart. It got late, so we had a car full of pho and sushi ingredients, and drove through Wendy's for dinner. I would like to come out in favor of the 4 for $4 combo, by the way. I wish I had taken some pictures of us cooking this stuff, because my husband really enjoys it, and of course we destroy our *small* kitchen every time. We made Vietnamese pho for lunch Saturday (usually takes many hours to make the broth, but we cheated and used store bought beef broth). Pho has a specific mix of spices that give it that distinct flavor, and you can add pretty much any meat. A lot of authentic pho eaters add some meats a little too "exotic" for me, so we did thinly sliced sirloin, and pork meatballs. It turned out pretty good in my opinion, although Corey deemed it a little too American.

My favorite is when we got to dinner and the sushi. I love sushi, and could eat it a lot more frequently, given the opportunity, but my favorite sushi is loaded with tuna, which is against pregnancy diet rules. So last night, we were good and made tempura shrimp rolls, which were almost as good. We fried up our shrimp, added sliced avocado and cream cheese, made spicy mayo and eel sauce (which will require a tutorial video on here at some point, because it is more involved than you would think!), and rolled it all up in our seaweed papers! I have to tell you, a rice cooker is one of the best things you can buy for kitchen small appliances. They have so many uses, and no matter what kind of rice you're making, it will come out perfect every single time. Again, no pictures, because I inhaled my delicious roll of sushi before I even thought about snapping a picture of it.

We have had a nice, relaxing New Year's weekend, and I hope all of you have as well! If anyone has ideas of what you would like to see in future posts, let us know in the comments! We are game for adventures in cooking and home projects, especially, so give us some blog and video ideas! Thanks everyone and we wish you a wonderful 2016!

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