Friday, January 8, 2016

graze box *product review*

Corey decided to try these Graze boxes that you see advertised on television. They have a promotion to let you try the box before you buy them. Basically you register on their website, tell them what you like, and they make up a box and send it to you. There is a subscription service, so they will just keep sending them every week. They are supposed to give people a healthy alternative to in-between meal snacking. The boxes are $11.99 a piece for the 8 snack variety box. You can start and stop your subscription service any time.

Corey did a review video of the first box he opened that I will link here when he uploads it.

I'm going to review the other box we got here on the blog!

This is what they look like when you open the boxes up. They are designed to fit in a standard mail box, so you receive them through the regular post office like all the rest of your mail. No signing for them or having to be home, or having food sit on the ground on your doorstep all day. They really are quite convenient!

Now on to the tasting:

This mix reminds me of a good trail mix. The carrots have a pretty good tartness to them and taste better than you think a "carrot chew" would. I love the raisins, but I am a pretty big fan of raisins in general. I don't care too much for the ginger fudge personally, but it has a good texture and if you like the taste of ginger, you will probably like it. The walnuts are walnuts and they taste fresh and pretty yummy!

Ok, this one is delicious. It's what chex mix type snacks wish they could be. The pretzels are pretty good, but nothing crazy. Those sour cream and onion cashews, though. Oh my. I could eat a lot of those by themselves. The mustard breadsticks are very good, too. This mix is great.

Based on the two boxes we got, they must all have one snack that is all dried fruit. This one is much better than the other box in my opinion. I love the strawberries. They are the perfect mix of tart and sweet. The softness of the apples threw me a little, but I really like those, too. The black currants are a good add to this. They don't have a terribly strong flavor, and they compliment the other fruits well.

I'm glad I saved this for last. It is easily my favorite! I'm not sure why they are calling it a flap jack. It reminds me nothing of pancakes. It looks like a granola bar, but really, it's much more moist than even a chewy granola bar. To me, this tastes like a pumpkin spice oatmeal cookie. It was so delicious, I will probably get myself a glass of milk and eat the rest of this right now. So. Good. 

This was a pretty neat little box, and the snacks are much better than what most people usually carry with them to work or keep around the house for snacks! You can rest assured with these also that the food is high quality and that you can spell and pronounce everything that is in them! The boxes come with cards listing the nutritional facts and coupons for more boxes and coupons to share with friends and family. 

All in all, I would recommend these to others and buy them again! 

What other programs like this are available, if any, that you guys have tried? Anyone tried this and liked/not liked it? Let us know in the comments!

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